Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Leadership That Inspires

A long time ago, the Catholic Church held a very strong sway in the voting behavior of Filipino citizens. Hence, in politics. This was seen in delayed or aborted legislation concerning contraception, abortion and divorce. This was seen in the first EDSA peaceful revolution and many more.

I'll leave it up to you to do your own historical research.

Duterte's election was a pivotal turning point against this 'traditional Catholic vote'

Fast forward to 2016...

Duterte seemed to be the candidate who usurped everything that traditional politicians exemplified. He was outspoken against the Catholic church. He was decisive in curbing the narcotic problem. He was uncivil and uncouth - a man who bowed down to no one, (except maybe Xi Jinping). He seemed to be the one who will overturn the traditional structures that gave and made the Philippines its character for the last decades.

He definitely isn't a traditional politician.

That anti-thetical character appealed to enough voters to change the tide of history. Many of the non-Catholic segment of the population wanted something fresh. They wanted something out of the traditional Catholicism.

Their mantra of "Change is Coming" came true.

Change came indeed.

The question is, what kind of change did it bring?

It sickened me to hear Protestant and Born Again spiritual leaders utter words like, "I'm friends with Duterte or Bato." in the middle of their preaching while teaching about Christ.

It was paradoxical.

It is the ultimate embodiment of Protestant church leadership desperately clinging on to worldly ways just to find a means to solve the gargantuan spiritual problem of worldliness, narcotics and social apathy.

In a way, one can say that to solve the narcotic problem that many Protestant pastors and Born Again ministers have had to grapple with among their flock - they struck a deal with the devil.

The means to justify the end.

Lo and behold, we are all learning now about how that contract would turn out to be.

Now, these churches complain when Duterte called God stupid.

In silence these non-Catholic ministers may have been snickering in glee as Duterte embarrassed the Catholic church - never thinking for a second that one day, the devil they unleashed would come to bite them back.

And it did. And it will continue to do so.

You never strike a deal with the devil.

Not only that, it brought along something that is far graver than the petty bickering among different religions.

Remember, leadership inspires.

If this leader rebels against God, we can expect others to follow suit. Indeed it is already happening. A slow and morbid moral decay that is festering like an untreated wound. Full of pus and full of maggots, it eats away not just flesh, but the spirit.

In this day and age of technological marvels, this kind of thinking can only lead to one thing: perdition and a further degradation of the Filipino soul. 

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