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Anything FOSS I- Another Virtual World

I met Mr. H while playing a game called FreeCivilization. At the time, we were waiting for more players to join in the online game. I chatted with H and I found out that H was in fact a secondary school computer teacher based in Spain. He made an offer I simply couldn't refuse: to translate a diagram of the Conceptual Framework of Open Source Software.

It was while trying to translate this document that I became born again. I awoke from my technological slumber and found that there is another virtual world that exists apart from my world of Windows.

I realized that I didn't have to buy pirated Microsoft software. I didn't have to scrounge for cracks, serials and hacks to run my pirated Adobe Photoshop.

I realized that I had a choice.

-~ oOo ~-

In the end, I was able to translate the document using Open Office 2.0.

Collaboration had a new meaning. I can say to myself that I contributed to something at last. An idea that could change the world for the better.


Are you a computer enthusiast who uses Microsoft Windows?

If so, may I ask how much money you spent to get it and how much money you spent to buy other software to install over it?

If you are like me, and you live in a third world country, you probably wouldn't want to spend more money on similar software that you could have for free. Times are difficult and we just couldn't afford expensive software.

Though piracy is rampant and easily accessible, the damage that pirated software could inflict on our computer systems is just too great a risk: litigation from legitimate copyright owners, compromised confidential information, hackers, worms, viruses and even identity theft.

Fortunately, Linux and Open Source Software offers a fresh and FREE alternative to Windows and other proprietary software.

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