Anything FOSS I- Another Virtual World

I met Mr. H while playing a game called FreeCivilization. At the time, we were waiting for more players to join in the online game. I chatted with H and I found out that H was in fact a secondary school computer teacher based in Spain. He made an offer I simply couldn't refuse: to translate a diagram of the Conceptual Framework of Open Source Software.

It was while trying to translate this document that I became born again. I awoke from my technological slumber and found that there is another virtual world that exists apart from my world of Windows.

I realized that I didn't have to buy pirated Microsoft software. I didn't have to scrounge for cracks, serials and hacks to run my pirated Adobe Photoshop.

I realized that I had a choice.

-~ oOo ~-

In the end, I was able to translate the document using Open Office 2.0.

Collaboration had a new meaning. I can say to myself that I contributed to something at last. An idea that could change the world for the better.

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