Kubuntu Newbie Experience VI - Kontact

I have fallen in love with Kontact. I never really believed in love at first sight until I clicked on Kontact. I'm sure you will too. So what is Kontact? Kontact is KDE based Kubuntu's response to MS Outlook. It features the following goodies:

  1. Kontact - Akregator - An RSS feed aggregator for the K Desktop Environment. They provide a convenient way to browse different kinds of content, including news, blogs, and other content from online sites.

  2. Kontact - Notes - A simple sticky note place for the things that you want to remember, like lists of TV shows to watch, favorite artists, anything...

  3. Kontact - Journal - A calendar integrated feature that lets you write your thought of the day. Sort of like, er, an offline blog. You know? Journals. The format that Bram Stoker used in telling the story of Dracula?

  4. Kontact - To Do List - A list for those things that you need to get done organized according to your priorities and their status.

  5. Kontact - Calendar - Contains your calendar. It has import as well as export capabilities in many many formats.

  6. Kontact - Contacts - The list of people you'd like to correspond with, er, or not: eg. grumpy boss, stalking jilted lover, eheheh.

  7. Kontact - KMail - Ah, my new love that replaceth my ex-love Thunderbird. This one is for the books. I think this particular feature could rival MS Outlook 2003 with its robust and flexible capabilities. Individual folder customization and rules, filtering support, Security, OpenPGP compliance, Intuitive Interface, support for IMAP mail, the list goes on and on.

  8. Kontact - Summary - A summary of most things going on in KMail. I forgot what this feature's counterpart in MS Outlook, is it the Welcome Page? Nah, the Front Page? No, it's just that place...

So, are you salivating now? Run Kontact simply by clicking > K-Menu > Office > Kontact. I love screenies:

Now, I'm not trying to convince you to switch e-mail apps or what. I just want to share some open source lovin.

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