Personal Notes I - Doubt

I recently ran into some very discouraging situations running my Linux Kubuntu system. There is the problem of the cracking sounds on my Linux sound hardware and the apparent lack of help that I got. I now keep a dual booting machine. Do you want to know how, well, it didn't really take some rocket science. Just plain old common sense. I'll post about it next.

That dual booting system enabled me to boot from either Windows XP or GNU/Linux Kubuntu. Every now and then, I would boot to Windows XP to do something that I cannot do in GNU/Linux (eg. Play MP3s with excellent quality). Music does play in my Kubuntu box, but, in all honesty it sounds like it came from a can instead of speakers.

Also, there are times when the GUI latency gets on my nerves. I click something, be it a button, a tab, an element, etc., and count up to four before it does what I asked it to do.

I know, I know, I'm sounding like a brat and all that. I perfectly agree with you. I am a brat - but - you have to understand that there is a brat in all of us. That brat that doesn't want to stare and wait while we ask a machine to do something.

Windows sure beats me (note: not GNU/Linux) here. Here's an analogy that may well anger many of you, my readers. GNU/Linux is like Shaquille O'Neal and Windows is like Kobe Bryant. Of course, many interpretations may arise which depends on whether you are a fan of Kobe or Shaq. But all in all, here's my understanding of my own analogy: Shaq sucks at free throws and has the agility of a hippo. On the other hand, Kobe can shoot those free throws and has the agility of a leopard.

I hope this is not the case. I am, after all a dumb noob. I will persist and endure for a few more days, but after that I will plan on moving on to another distribution.

This doesn't mean that I take back all the other stuff that I said previously. They remain as they are, diamonds in the rough.

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