Kubuntu Newbie Experience VII - Love the Second Time Around

Whoever said that love is sweeter the second time around is probably right. /cliche

So, what drove me to reinstall Kubuntu after it died on me for the 3rd time?


I believe in it's capabilities and its possibilities. So without further rants, here is the promised post - how I installed a dual boot system.

Note however that I did this without any data to lose.

How I Dual Booted Kubuntu and WindowsXP


  1. A PC
  2. A 10 GB Empty Hard Drive
  3. A CD ROM drive that is capable of booting
  4. Windows XP Installation CD
  5. Kubuntu Dapper Drake Installation CD
  6. Spare Time and Patience
  7. A Magazine


  1. I made sure that I have all the important information that I have on another drive
  2. I restarted the computer
  3. I edited the BIOS to indicate that I wanted my PC to boot from the CD
  4. I placed the Windows Installation CD on the tray
  5. I restarted the PC
  6. The WindowsXP Installation Wizard shows itself
  7. It asks me to create partitions for my WindowsXP Installation
  8. I created a 4 GB FAT32 partition for my WindowsXP Installation
  9. I installed WindowsXP on that partition

    *Note: remember the remaining 6 GB of space that I left - I didn't partition them

  10. When WindowsXP finished installing, I saw the 'Take the Windows XP tour'. I restarted my computer.
  11. I inserted the Kubuntu Dapper Drake installation CD
  12. I choose the Start and Install Kubuntu Option
  13. I then clicked on the Install Kubuntu icon on my Desktop
  14. The Kubuntu Installation Wizard appears
  15. I put in the options that I required
  16. When the partitioning part started, I chose, "Choose the most amount of Free Space" option - something like that
  17. Just like magic, Kubuntu automatically made the partitions that it required and installed itself in 45 minutes.
  18. The installer wanted to restart itself
  19. I mumbled to it 'OK'
  20. It restarted, I removed the CD before it boots from there
  21. I was shown a lot of black and white letters asking me to choose between Windows XP - Linux numbers numbers, Linux Recovery Mode numbers numbers, MemTest numbers numbers.
  22. I tested only WindowsXP and Linux
  23. They both worked well, hooray!
So, now I have two systems that I can choose from in a 10 GB drive. I wish I didn't need both so I could free up some space and get to play some shoot em ups.

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