Personal Notes II - Rants

Rants are counter productive. Let's face it, a majority of people who can talk, write or communicate, one way or another tend to rant so much. Being a graduate of philosophy and political science and yes - a law school drop out, I've seen the best of them rant. That's why I won't, or at least try not to. My fellow countrymen would also tend to be extremely adept (sudo or kdesu maybe) at this. I really don't know why. Rant rant rant. Read the newspaper, rant rant rant. Read some blogs, rant rant rant. Listen to the radio, rant rant rant.

It just can't be helped. Filipinos (that's me and my countrymen) as writers generally tend to be somber, serious, acidly sarcastic and egotistical. See what I mean?

Writers also tend to write about things that are ideal. People tend to reflect on a reality of what ifs and tend to rant on a reality of what is. So, if you ever catch me ranting again, tell me. I'd rather write something more senseless. =)

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