Kubuntu Newbie Experience III - Instant Messaging

A survey done on the Internet recently concluded in 2006 that a lot of people didn't know what the acronym 'IM' in 'YIM' or 'GAIM' means. For example YIM = Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Instant Messaging/Messenger. Chatting.

For Kubuntu, these programs are categorized under the K-Menu option 'Internet'. So I clicked on the K-Menu, then rolled my mouse over to 'Internet' and then clicked on 'Kopete'.

Don't ask me what 'Kopete' means. I only know that you could use it for chatting. It's Windows counterpart is Trillian and its Open Source distant cousin is Gaim.

A wizard then appears asking which protocol or service I wanted to use:

  • AIM = AOL Instant Messenger
  • Gadu-Gadu = I have no idea
  • Groupwise = A collaboration suite from Novell
  • ICQ = Instant Messaging computer program
  • IRC = Internet Relay Chat
  • Jabber = The protocol that Google Talk uses
  • MSN Messenger = Microsoft Networks Messenger
  • SMS = Short Message Service
  • Testbed = ?
  • Yahoo = Yahooo!

I could choose at least 4 of these protocols where I have an account. For testing purposes though, I chose the easiest one: Yahoo! I really like Yahoo! Okay. I really love Yahoo!

I clicked on Next.

Another dialog box appeared asking for input regarding my Yahoo! username and password. I typed them in.

*note:When you type in your username, don't include the domain. For example, instead of 'danny@yahoo.com.ph' I typed in 'danny'

I clicked on Next.

I was then asked what color I wanted to associate with the specific account. For me, Yahoo has always been yellow.

I clicked on Next.

Interestingly a new box appeared asking for my input.

The application 'kopete'has requested access to the open wallet 'kdewallet'.
The options are:

1. Allow Once
2. Allow Always
3. Deny
4. Deny Forever

I trusted the kde wallet so I clicked on Allow Always.

The Yahoo smiley appeared at the bottom right of the window bouncing around.

And Viola! I can now chat with my friends!

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