Personal Notes III - Is GNU/Linux Slow?

Now, I don't want to be flamed before I say anything. Remember I have been using Linux for only 20 days. I love GNU/Linux. Even though I can't use more than 5% of my Windows Applications (which are unfortunately stored in the form of CDs - of which I have about 300) I still use it.

We have to get rid of the fanboy attitude. GNU/Linux like Windows is just a tool. Tools need to be optimized for maximum efficiency. Sure, we need to promote Linux and we need to promote it in a nice way - not by hurling benchmarks along with curses. In every tool, there would always be these three: Features, Advantages and Benefits.

Right now, honestly speaking in my noob point of view - GNU/Linux is way way behind Windows. Hold the flames mister, I'm not done yet. Think of it in a constructive and strategic manner. Microsoft has dominated like the Evil Empire. Senator Palpatine has his grips firmly on the reign of power. 90% of the star systems are under the control of the Empire. There's only one way to win.

Introspection. The Force should be strong within. We should see in ourselves all that is lacking, all that is imperfect and use that to pave the way.

Ladies and Gents, GNU/Linux is slow out of the box. The $100 laptop guy said it himself. Google says it too. Try searching for the words "Linux Slow" on Google and you'll know what I mean. You'll get forum posts, articles, rants like this - and massive flame wars. Yes, flame wars.

That's the bad thing that I don't understand. There are no flame wars when it comes to hammers or screwdrivers. Nobody calls each other "The Philips Fanboy" or the "ACE fanboy".

Let's just face the music and admit and work on the fact that GNU/Linux is slow.

"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici"

By the Power of Truth, I while living have conquered the Universe...

- V

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