Kubuntu Newbie Experience XII - Free CD from the Netherlands

I never won anything in any game of chance. I never get any real mail from snail mail save perhaps my free monthly subscription to makro mail. So, imagine my surprise when I got this:

OMG. Somebody from the Netherlands actually sent me a CD. Wow! Whoopee! When my mom asked me to pick up something in her house, I was surprised. I was not expecting anything. When I saw the package, I said "Now, I never really made that much enemies why would someone send me a letter bomb or virus. Let's see here." Okay so I opened the mail and out comes something that totally surprised me. It's the CD that I ordered two weeks ago from Ubuntu. Two weeks! That was quick.

For something that's totally free I never expected something this prompt.

So, wanna get a free (absolutely cool) CD?

Here: https://shipit.kubuntu.org/login

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