Geubuntu 7.10 - What I Did and What I Wasn't Able to Do

I'm posting this blog post using Geubuntu 7.10. I'm sleepy. So I'll just make a list.

What I was able to do:

1. Play MP3 instantly - without twiddling with Automatix2
2. Connect to the internet
3. Change my theme
4. Change my wallpaper - See below too
5. Browse

What I cannot do:

1. Do a CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW KEY when typing - weird huh?
2. Change my wallpaper in 5 seconds
3. Figure out why I have two panels and which one is which
4. De-confuse myself on which mouse button to use - they do the same thing - which is show more menus - of absolutely the same things
5. Switch from 1 window to another using Alt-Tab
6. Can't get Tremulous to run - OMG! Nvidia thing does not work - not on CLI not on envy
7. Did I say that I can't do a CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW KEY to select words I do not like?
8. Ask for help in the forums since:
a. In Geubuntu they said:

Every problem Ubuntu related or Enlightenment related does not belong directly to Geubuntu, therefore, support will be very limited in this cases. Should you be having problems with Gnome software or software created by the Ubuntu Theme, you should be asking for help in the Ubuntu forums. In case you're having E17 related problems, you should ask to E17 devels. You can in any case try and ask for help in our forum but be aware that answers may and may not come for this kind of problems.

b. In Ubuntu forums they said -

Hello, Geubuntu related problems should be posted in the Geubuntu Forums, don't you think?
I don't know what problem is this exactly. Could you move this question to the official Geubuntu Forum and tell me more about this? maybe a screen / video shot?

Note: My funny meter is broken since I'm sleepy. Otherwise it would have ranked 4 out of 10 in funniness.

Problems Encountered:

1. During Install - Screen went poof! I installed in Safe Graphics Mode - Second Option
3. I put my mouse over one of the icons in the Scrolling Icon List - It's really cool. Really. I left it there and stared at the icon pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating, pulsating. I can almost here the drums beating. Ba da Boom! Ba da Boom! Pulsating. Pulsating. You'll be hypnotized.
4. Apparently I had to configure the theme for the 1st Panel separately from the 2nd Panel. It felt like I have 1 KDE Panel and 1 Gnome Panel. They have different feels. I had to configure each separately.
5. Mouse skips if I play music and install from repos.

All in all. Geubuntu is for the power user. Its attempts at being slick and blingy blingy is precisely what I avoid whenever I try to run something on my Pentium 3 650 MHZ PC. Sure, if you like the sun shining every once in a while from your Desktop Wallpaper - Be my guest. It's time that somebody made wallpapers animate. But not on my Pentium 3 PC - No sir. No sir.

It hurts me to say this but Windows XP runs faster even with the spyware compared to my experience with this distro.

This distro has good points though. It's very artistically rendered. I'd say its the most artistic distro I ever encountered. Animated buttons that shine! Don't forget the sunlight that actually shines on my desktop from the wallpaper.

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