I want to try Kubuntu's dad (or mom?) - Debian. I remember that this was the first Linux that I tried to install on my computer. I tried to install it then inside Windows Xp - I thought that I can download it then install using an installer which is sooooo Windows.

Frankly, I can't understand it. I then found Ubuntu afterwards.

The rest is history.

Now I am having problems installing Debian since I don't know how to configure my internet connection in the installer.

It is saying something about DHCP. I am not familiar with DHCP, when I connected in Windows I just typed in my username and password to connect using PPPOE.

In Kubuntu and Knoppix - I am using Knoppix now. I do a "sudo pppoeconf" and then input the user name and the password.

But with Debian, it is strange. I do the netinst installation type so that I could just install via the Internet. Thats when the DHCP problem arises. It says

DHCP Autoconfiguration Failed

This is OK though since it said that it is OK.

Everything finishes during the install and I remove then reboot the pc.
Afterwards, it just shows me this


It is asking me to input something. There is no GUI for me to click.
I try to do pppoeconf and it said something like invalid command.

Anyway, I am asking for help and I would post a link since his tutorial is newbie friendly to say the least.

Debaira's very useful Debian blog.

My solution to the problem was to download the full first CD of Debian. After that, I installed it. The same problems occurred during installation. I just don't know what DHCP is.

To my relief, I was able to boot into Debian with a GUI. Although, I must admit that I am a little disappointed with the colors - they are too sad. dark and solemn.

I tried to do a
sudo pppoeconf

This was unsuccessful.

bash: sudo pppoeconf: Bad Command

I thought, this is not good.

I then booted into Knoppix - my universal Linux saver, connected to the internet, and asked the guys at #debian.

They were helpful but a little bit too 1337 for my mortal understanding.

They gave me a solution somewhat, which entailed that I:

1. Download pppoeconf from the Debian servers
2. Install it

*I ran into some dependency problems - at least thats what I think they are supposed to be called. Which I thought the solution of which is to download the dependencies for each program (if thats what its called - ITWIC). Curiously I couldn't get them to install.

*I ran synaptic which then fixed these (on its own I suppose) and well here I am.

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