I am a Linux 1 Year Old Now

It's Christmas tomorrow and I have been using Linux - Kubuntu on and off for about a year now.

So, what do I think about Linux - Kubuntu?

It's getting there - fast. There are some things though that keep me going back to Windows Xp. My very wide collection of Windows software!

I run a Pentium 3 PC sooo, a lot of things limit me from using Kubuntu.

I have a wonderful family that likes Windows Xp.

My wife loves Windows Xp for its ease of use and she severely abhors the Kubuntu terminal-Konsole. Though I think the terminal is really cool - makes my PC look 1337. It scares the heck out of my wife and kids.

My 4 year old daughter wants to play Dora the Explorer... Unfortunately this runs on Windows.

And those insane PopCap games are just so insanely addictive.

I remember my first PC. The monitor was black and white. There were only text to speak of. My first game was Command and Conquer - the first one we bought here that was not pirated.

I remember my dad asking me to install a hundred or so games - and their cracks just so I can play. Well, all that has passed now and my dad is gone.

Now, I am using Windows Xp.

But I'll be back to Linux - when I get a new hard drive (or new second hand hard drive).

But I'll be switching to Geubuntu - not so famous. But when you see it- you'll be wowed by its graphics. Really. Not many use it yet so I am holding off till it gets support from its makers.

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