[UPDATE] Google Browser Sync on Iceweasel

UPDATE 3: This issue is a bug. I didn't think it was until it was discussed in the debian forums. This issue is now resolved.

Trademark issues have somewhat limited Debian's ability to use the name Firefox in its packages therefore they have created a fork of the popular browser firefox and renamed it as Iceweasel. It's pretty much the same thing save for the name and the usual issues with web sites and browser identification. For example, I tried to install Google Browser sync on Iceweasel and when I clicked on Agree and Install (Google Browser Sync) it redirected me to the get Mozilla Firefox page.

Fortunately I have found a very easy solution in Google Groups. Thanks to Mark Plaksin.

Simply click here:

UPDATE 1: A better way to do this would be by pasting this link on the address bar and then pressing the ENTER key.


Note: Don't click the link, COPY it then PASTE it on the address bar. Otherwise it would say that Google Browser Sync is trying to install from my blog.

UPDATE 2: As I have stated earlier, the problem lies with Google's website not recognizing IceWeasel as a Mozilla Firefox Browser. Another solution would be to LIE to Google and tell them that "Hey, my browser is Mozilla Firefox" by doing the following steps:

1. Type this on your address bar in Firefox:


2. Search for this text in the Filter:


3. Then when the results show, SELECT by CLICKING on general.useragent.extra.firefox

4. RIGHT CLICK IT then choose MODIFY

Enter String Value box appears

5. Replace Iceweasel/x.0.0.x with Firefox/x.0.0.x

Where x = your version number

*Thanks to Marc Garcia on this one

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