How About You: Which Software Do You Use?

I used to have a list in one of my sidebars containing a list of the software I use regularly. Over time, this list has grown and I think, that it's time for me to just turn it into a post so that my sidebar isn't all cluttered and all. With great happiness, here is a list of my favorite Freeware OR Open Source Software for Windows or


1. Kopete - IM program. I'm using GNOME but I use a lot of KDE applications.
2. X-Chat - IRC Client (multiplatform)
3. Thunderbird/IceDove - Email client (multiplatform)
4. Automatix2 - Makes things a whole lot easier on Linux
5. Epiphany - Fast lightweight browser. LOL. I've seen the words so many times that I had to type it.
6. Amarok - FTW! Multimedia Player
7. VLC - I use this for my xvid files
8. Google Picasa - Image organizer (multiplatform)
9. Gedit - Text editing. Think notepad on steroids.


1. 7-Zip - For Unrarring, Unzipping or Uncompressing Archives from many different formats.
2. Avast Antivirus - Useful for Windows
3. ZoneAlarm Firewall - Firewall...

Cross Platform

1. Chikka SMS - For sending SMS for free in the Philippines and UK. For Linux, its Chikka Java.
2. Firefox - Actually I use Iceweasel but its basically the same except for the name.
3. GIMP - I'm no artist but hey I made my header with it! GREAT Photoshop alternative.

Distros I tried

1. Debian Etch - Currently VERY HAPPY with it.
2. Kubuntu - First one I installed to my hard disk.
3. Damn Small Linux - Linux in my pocket
4. Ubuntu - I just noticed that it has a .com address - Kubuntu, its cousin is a dot org.
5. Geubuntu - a very prettiful Linux distribution.
6. Knoppix - Not but certainly not the least. Very Very Very Good. TOO BAD IT DOESN'T WANT TO BE INSTALLED ON THE HDD...


1. Tremulous - Crossplatform FPS game. Aliens vs. Humans. Warning: SEVERELY ADDICTING
2. Warzone 2100 - 3D RTS game. Warning: SEVERELY ADDICTING too.

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