[Solved] Automatix2 Problem : A2 Does Not Recognize Debian Etch

UPDATE: After a few clarifications with emesaj I have finally gotten around to making A2 to work. The solution was simple really. I am going to repost it here. Thanks to emesaj

First u need to install tango-icon-theme here is the link for deb package:

second download and install automatix
link: http://www.getautomatix.com/apt/dists/etch...r0etch_i386.deb

after that open console, become root and run that command

gedit /usr/lib/automatix2/startup.py

and change the following lines

#get distro version...
#conf.uVersion = getDistVersion()
#self.splashArea.prog.set_text(”Found %s…”%conf.uVersion)
#if axConf.distro[’version’] != conf.uVersion or axConf.distro[’name’] != conf.uName:
#alert(”This version of Automatix is for %s %s only”%(axConf.distro[’name’],axConf.distro[’version’]),sys.exit)
#check enviroment for synaptic ect…

save and exit gedit...
and start automatix!

thats all

Note: When he meant change the code - he meant add '#' to the following lines.

THE PROBLEM: I know, Automatix2 is lazy Linux computing. But hey, isn't the computer for people who don't want to use a typewriter, calculator or an abacus? One word: AUTOMATION. Why use a computer if you can't automate tasks?

I tried installing it and followed the instructions verbatim from Automatix2's wiki

The installation went well until I tried to run it:


I clicked on yes. Then up popped this monster.


The Catch: I am running Debian Etch 4.0r0. Doh!

I went over to Arnieboy's Web Forums for Automatix2 Debian Etch Support over at:


It seems like a lot of people have the same problem - that is unresolved up to now.

I made a few posts:


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