HowTo: Install Tremulous Backport in Linux

RAR!!! AS3!! AS3!! Take down those teslas and replace them with turrets! OMG! Noobs! Don't decon the RC. Aw, FFS. We've been deconned. GG?

It's okay for you not to understand the ramblings of a tremulous player.

Unarguably the BEST Open Source First Person Shooter with elements of RTS in the whole galaxy.

Now, enough of that and on to the beef of this post. These are the steps to INSTALLING the TREMULOUS.TJW BACKPORT in any Debian based Linux box. That means you too Ubuntu.

If you don't have it installed yet install it.

#sudo apt-get install tremulous

Now download the x86 file that would replace the executable you have


To be sure, make a backup of the old executable file.

#sudo mv /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous_old

Move the new file to the proper directory

#sudo mv tremulous.x86 /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous

Change the file to be executable.

#sudo chmod +x /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous

Now what? Close your browser. Add me as your friend.

I AM JAGUAR PAW, I am a hunter. This is my Beer Garden, KOR, KOR Layouts, KOR Unlimited, Dretch Storm, OPP ATCS Battleground
, and my sons will hunt here with their sons long after I am gone.


Oh btw, doing this gives you the following features to the game.

This is a backport of some important additions to ioquake3 to Tremulous 1.1.0.

A backport is required because the current Tremulous client built from SVN
is no longer compatible with the 1.1.0 data files and vms.

This is based on the Tremulous SVN version 755 with the following additions:

* cl_guid (because I'm a shameless self promoter)
* May 8, 2006 security fix for COM_StripExtension()
* WinXP SP2 NX-extension fix
* June 2, 2006 security fix
* R1CH's Alt-Tab fix (you need to set win_allowAltTab 1 for this to work)
* win32 builds add a "home path" in /Documents and Settings
* cURL support for HTTP/FTP downloads. cl_allowDownload and cl_wwwDownload
both need to be set to 1 (the server also needs to be patched and configured
for this to work).
* OpenAL sound tracking fix (bug 2893)
* added cl_guidServerUniq. When set to non-zero a different cl_guid is sent
to each server you connect to to prevent guid theft by malicious server

I strongly recommend backing up your existing binaries in case these
don't work out.

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