[UPDATED] I am NOT Ditching Firefox in Favor of Epiphany

[UPDATE] Ok Ok, I concede. Firefox is not the slow poke here it's my sloppy Linux configuration that is causing all the trouble, well at least most of it. So, forget about the picture below and Google, don't take my $ 1.50 Adsense earnings away from me anymore. I'm supporting Firefox again! Woot!

I recently made my Debian fox faster through adjusting swappiness. Whatever that means. This is how it is done.

[OLD ARTICLE] It's I'd hate to go against my (used to be) favorite browser, but I am an honest guy. Firefox just doesn't cut it anymore for me. Sure it has over a bazillion add ons that could make life easy. Sure it has over a bazillion themes that could make it transform into over a bazillion other things. But. Yes but.

It is so painfully slow.

Okay, so my PC runs on an ancient Pentium III 650 MHz with 256 MB RAM. Okay, I am running Debian Etch 4 r 3 on KDE. But, still you'd have to admit that what used to be Michael Jordan criss crossing on the court running circles around everybody suddenly turned into the doughnut chomping Homer Simpson.

Yes, Homer Simpson.

I realize that Google might ban me for running something utterly attrocious as this blog post, but this is after all a free world. Besides, I've been running this blog for more than a year now and the most I have gotten from Adsense is 1.49 US dollars. There another disclosure rule violated. Bah, humbug. I don't rely on my Google Adsense earnings to earn a living. And I'm used to strong arm business tactics. Sure, turn my 1.49 Google adsense earnings to 0.00. Hah!

Anyway, with Firefox turning into Fatfox, I'd sooner go for a browser like, let's say Angel Locsin. Fit, firm and fast. Fast? Like a fast rising star.

So, who or what is this Angel Locsin like web browser?

Yes, click the link to know. I'm that annoying to point out that its name is on the title of this blog post.

Unfortunately, themeing this baby still is a no no. And scrolling to another tab you've opened could be quite click intensive.

But, for a browser that could just doh it for you. Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo, Blogger and other script heavy sites, it could handle them well just like Manny Pacquiao in his heydays.

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