The Need for WM Unification

I never really understood the need for partisan politics nor animosity between Gnome and KDE. They're both good things in their own right. I might come out as being naive owing to the fact that I don't really know the underlying issues concerning this, but one thing is for sure, and that is
We don't want our desktops looking like Frankenstein

The Frankenstein description stems from the lack of a cohesive approach to the overall look of a Linux run compputer.

Consider this, I remember marvelling at the first time I used Windows XP. I noted then that even pre-WindowsXP applications looked like they were something new because of the uniform effect that Windows XP forced on them.

Uniformity ALWAYS gives the impression of professional conduct as well as appearance. As the ad people would always say

As a Linux user I have always straddled and tiptoed the line between Gnome and KDE. Gnome has a lot of good offerings in terms of performance, simplicity and utility, whereas KDE boasts of their extreme customizability. However as a Linux 1 Year old, I still find it difficult to make my desktop look cohesively KDEish. Every now and then I would install necessary GNOME applications such as GIMP and of course my favorite browser Firefox - which unfortunately spews out ugly GNOME menus and interfaces that looks like - well Frankenstein.

Sure I could change their exterior appearances via themes and what not, but come saving or uploading time, I would be confronted with the strange gnome icons and strange arrangement of the buttons and directories. It's like being left handed ina right handed world.

I don't mean to be so brash and abrasive but I AM HONESTLY BRASH AND ABRASIVE, I CAN'T HELP IT. I just hate the default gnome look and feel of things, No matter what I do to customize and tweak KDE they automagically present themselves at precisely the most opportune of moments.

This ruins my mood. Aw crap. It's like seeing an undesireable acquaintance at work - where you are are forced to smile. That is just the psychological effect of seeing something different.

Of course you might argue that there is a need for tolerance. FSCK tolerance. These are my icons that you are talking about. There are many things that I have no control over in this life - and I do tolerate them. Howeever, this is just one of those that I believe I have or I am entitled to control.

So, I am taking this step to make the world know even if they don't care that I want my Gnome applications to look like KDE applications.

UPDATE: I officially give up. Despite the noble efforts of berbae, I believe that I have allotted enough time to this little concern. I give up. I'm just going to implement a working if not better solution to my concern.

sudo apt-get remove iceape
sudo apt-get remove iceweasel
sudo apt-get remove gimp

UPDATE: I partially solved the problem. Using two solutions the GTK-Qt solution that and a similar one in Psychocats

Unfortunately, the solution by psychocats also uninstalled a lot of things without confirmation! I lost all my games and some other applications. Weird.

Anyway, the icons in my firefox are now KDEish.

I discovered too that the icons' name in firefox is Nautipolis and Littlefox. File manager which appears when clicking Save As is Nautilus with Gnome icons.....

UPDATE: I also posted in to show the failure I got when trying to use the command #dpkg-divert

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