Howto: Replace Gnome Desktop Environment with K Desktop Environment in Debian Etch

After my foray in trying to replace Nautilus as my default File Manager. I decided what I've been meaning to really do for quite some time: That is to replace the gnome desktop environment with the K Desktop Environment.

I have found a handy resource for this and would not be posting about this lengthily since this particular task has proven to be surprisingly easy. Really easy.

In my case all I did was this:


1. Open a Terminal
2. Type in the command:

#apt-get install kdm kde-core

3. During installation I was asked what login manager I wanted and choose I picked kdm.
4. Logged off
5. Logged back in.
6. Choose 'KDE' session.
7. Choose 'Make Default'.


1. This would of course apply to Debian Etch as I did it in Debian Etch.
2. I lost my sticky notes applet.
3. Most of my Gnome applications still looked like they are in Gnome.
4. For a more in-depth tutorial on how to do this, please visit.

Debian Admin

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