How I Became a GreenPeace Member

A few months ago, I ventured in an endeavor that set me looking for a job in our country's financial capital, Makati. Going there was tiring and draining - specially if you don't have a car. It was really too hot to commute and the commute was too slow. From where I am living, I have to ride the following to go there:

1. A Tricycle

2. A Jeepney

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3. A Bus

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4. And then I am in Makati!

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Okay, so I was walking around and I find a guy wearing a strange and bright green neon tshirt that says "Greenpeace". So I said, "Hey, are you giving out those pretty stickers and CDs for free?" The guy looked up and said, "Yes sir we are. But you have to put your name in this paper and blah blah blah blah and then you have to make an autodebit for your bank account - voluntary of course any amount in pledges would do blah blah blah and then you have to participate.

So, thinking about the Free CD and stickers I decided to join. Unfortunately, it is only now that I realized that I put the wrong account number to be autodebited. So, hehe, sorry!!!

Anyway, there are a lot of activites and they regularly send me email. But I haven't been to one of the activites because I'm broke and wouldn't really know what I need to do since I have no money most of the time.

Anyway, my heart goes out to all environmentalists in the hope that they help save the environment. They better act quick because NatGeo said that the Earth would be a terrible place to live in if the Global Average Temperature would increase by 2 degrees Celsius.

I promise, that if one day I became rich, I would work on the following things:

1. A TriForce Gate just like Clanzers
2. Ummm. Several other inventions that I could make money off so I am not putting them here.

These GreenPeace people are good people, see they made the Electric Jeepney!

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