The Linux Goodies Cookie Jar was Invented by Debian

In the world of Linux, you might want to ask, "Where do all the goodies come from?" The goodies that I am talking about that make you all excited in Linux are of course the free software! I am a practical person, I want to install free software with just one gesture or command. But how I do this in complicated Linux PCs?

The answer is the innovative advanced packaging system of Debian called apt. With Apt, you can install thousands of 'goodies' on your PC. With Apt you are given the chance to upgrade these software at a command or a click of a button.

In Windows, if you want to get new goodies (paid goodies) - you either buy software in a box and CD or you download the exe or msi file from the Internet and then click on the installation icon then click on numerous next buttons then type the directory of the installation then click on FINISH. Then you click on the icon again to run the software.

Its EASY if you've gotten used to it.

In Debian Linux, say you want to install "Tremulous" a game I am currently addicted to, you merely type this on your terminal and presto!

$ sudo apt-get install tremulous

Now, which do you think is easier?

I know, I know... You'd have to always have a terminal open, I know I know, your sources.list must always be correct and updated. I know I know configuring can be a pain. But once you've set these things up - you're set! These are only one time only occurrences that need to be addressed and occassionally maintained.

My fellow debian blogger Rakesh Kumar, explains APT further at his very informative blog post.

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