My Take on the Browser Wars: What is the Fastest Browser Around?

Take your pick in the latest episode in the never ending saga called "Browser Wars: Episode 5038484579203 Battle of the Browser Bots".

I am going to make this short as I have done so lately. I believe in Ockham's Razor, the shortest way is the best way. Okay, but not in sexual performance.

Anyway, back to the BWars, while every browser is claiming to be the best, fastest, optimized, feature filled, mind blowing, undie dropping features. I for one would say, none of them take the pie.

None of them, yes, I mean IE 8, FF3, Opera or Safari can beat this browser evar!

I am talking about Dillo!

This midget can run fast. VERY FAST!

Well, it can make a lot of purdy so called Web 2.0 websites look like they were made in the stone age of the Intarwebs - the 90s. But hey, you wanted fast right?

Still don't believe me? Try it yourself!

Well, here are some pictures.

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