Crash and Burn: Discovering Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs text (Abelson and Sussman)

Lately I have been busy tinkering with Debian Lenny, hoping to upgrade its KDE to the new and controversial version 4. I failed. Miserably. Somehow, I missed a few steps or misunderstood a few ones and ended up with several bazillion broken packages.

Hmmm, "broken packages". What are they? All I know is that these broken packages are somehow *in* my computer's operating system and that they are in fact, broken. It's not good to have something broken in something even if it appears not to be broken. To illustrate, a broken idea could not be good even if it were inside a non-broken mind. Could it be?

Alas, such is a question that I am too lazy to answer. So I did the most expeditious of all acts, I reformatted and reinstalled.

While doing so, I decided to try Kubuntu Hardy beta with KDE 4. The sword for this Gordian knot. Alas. I see naught but shiny panels and windows with programs too few to tinker with. Themes and colors too dreary to speculate on their worthiness. So to my old orange CD-R with the label "Debian: Gnome" I come back. Wishing for its simplicity and uncomplexity in these myriad of knots that form on my brain.

Here I am with an epiphany, rather than a fox which is on fire. Lacking the powers to search when inside a Cascading Style Sheet. Ah, Etch must give way to Lenny and Lenny has and possesses in it the intricate web of libgtk2.10 that would perhaps give me the chance to see that fox on fire. Weasels that are frozen are simply too frozen to move. So much like the sloth, taking its sweet time.

Swappiness you say? Perhaps.

Still, I happened across and not "stumbled upon" these vendors of mundane and not so mundane ideas. Alas, they do have a trinket today. One of great value to a clueless wanderer like me in these dry days. And so I queried the giant with these words, as if spoken to a soothsayer, "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs text (Abelson and Sussman)". To which the mighty soothsayer pointed to the mighty Oracle.

Interesting, I went to the Oracle and I found these lying at the floor. Lo and behold I grabbed hold of it and thanked the heavens for their gift.

Now, Etch is slowly moving towards Lenny, counting counting, never really making its mind over whether its 2h57m39s or faster at 1h34m45s. Still I have yet to peruse the gift that I found lying on the floor of the Oracle.

  • "a computer language is not just a way of getting a computer to perform operations but rather that it is a novel formal medium for expressing ideas about methodology. Thus, programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute."
- Preface to the First Edition of SICP

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