Day 96: Installing Debian Again

1. Installed Debian: Gnome Etch

2. Changed theme to something more pleasing to the eyes, default gnome theme really hurts my eyes

3. Ran alsaconf in terminal as root

4. Sound working, playing mp3, (is mp3 codec included in default debian etch install)

5. Changed gnome terminal current profile to black bg and white fg

6. Text can be cut and copied off epiphany

7. Nautilus (annoyingly) opens a new window everytime I click on expand arrow beside folders

8. Adjusted Sessions Options

  1. Ticked Automaticall save changes to session
  2. Disabled Startup Programs
    1. bluetooth-applet
    2. update-notifier
    3. gnome-power-manager
9.Noticed difference in behavior - File Management
  1. If I click on a folder in Desktop Nautilus opens without an address bar
  2. If I choose Applications>System Tools>File Browser, the same programs appear with different options and appearances. With Tree View, Navigation Toolbars, Location Bars
10. Double click and single click options located in File Management Options in Desktop Preferences.

11. Cannot cut folder in secondary hard disk - this is mounted in the root directory (strange)

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