Crazy Quadruple Booting: XP, XP, Kubuntu 8.04 and Debian Etch

Log date: April 8, 2008 Tuesday

Installed Kubuntu 8.04 Beta on spare 5 GB partition. I am now quadruple booting Debian, Kubuntu, XP and another XP.

Here are my notes on Kubuntu.

1. Konqueror looks so damn sexy

2. In human terms, it feels slightly slower than Debian when the "circley" thing rotates

3. However, when typing text, it's noticeably faster. If I press a letter it immediately appears.

4. Connecting to ADSL PPPOE went without a hitch. I used the usual:
$ sudo pppoeconf.

5. Wow! Firefox-3 is in the Ubuntu repositories. I had to enable it in the repositories though, via Adept. I didn't know how to execute Kate in root mode.

6. Took me a while to execute Kate. Ugh that didn't sound good did it? I was trying to run kate in sudo mode. But finally gave up.
$ kdesu kate
-didn't work
$ sudo kate
-didn't work
$ kate
-didn't work, what the hell?
*Kate in KDE 4 gave new meaning to Advanced Text Editor. Suddenly Kate feels so heavy.

7. Show Desktop Applet/Widget is not on the panel

8. Panel Preferences has been simplified (maybe over simplified)

9. Konqueror cannot type in blogger...(No compose buttons and no Edit HTML)

10. Did I say that KDE 4 is so damn sexy? (in a chubby sense)

11. Kubuntu organized folders in my Home. There are folders for Pictures, Documents, Music, Public, etc.

12. Everything is just so shiny. Well, except maybe Firefox 3. It looks like it came from Windows 95. Really.

13. Clock is set to wrong time again - I have the same experience with previous versions of Kubuntu. Right clicking and trying to adjust Digital Clock settings does not have any option to set the time. Maybe it is somewhere else.

14. Dolphin is "OK" by my standards. Lots of shiny buttons. And it glows when you highlight files and folders. IT GLOWS!

15. WTF all of my partitions are automagically mounted!?! Not good really (for me) since I don't want Kubuntu playing with the 3 other OSes on my system. Other users may find this feature convenient.

16. I won't install Nvidia cards yet so that I won't break my new toy.

17. My user password is also my root password. Strange.

18. Ha. My favorite font is here! Deja Vu.

19. The Panel is really big. If I adjust it to 'small' it becomes jagged specially when windows cover it up.

20. Kopete is missing. Installing it now.

21. Computers menu in K-Menu shows the current capacity of the storage devices in cute bar indicators.

That's it for now. Updating this later.

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