Oldies But Goodies: StepBill - A Game From the Wonder Years of Old...

Don't mind the strom trooper, check out the funny game I accidentally found in synaptic. I was searching for "mouse themes" (silly place to look I know) when I found this game. Actually I didn't even know it was a game when I saw its description:

"Get rid of those nasty Wingdows viruses
 This is a port of the MacBill, which is based on xbill, source to GNUstep.
Ever get the feeling that nothing is going right? You're a sysadmin, and
someone's trying to destroy your computers. The little people running
around the screen are trying to infect your computers with Wingdows [TM],
a virus cleverly designed to resemble a popular operating system. Your
objective is to click the mouse on them, ending their potential threat.
If one of the people reaches a computer, it will attempt to replace your
operating system with the virus it carries. It will then attempt to run off
the screen with your vital software."

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