Somebody Watching You in the Dark

This is one for the books, Yours truly was browsing the Mythbusters Discovery Channel site at 23:00 pm Philippine time, when my spider senses tingled. I felt I was being watched. True enough, when I heard something, I looked out the window and saw that there was indeed somebody. Darn, my fingers are shaking as I write this. Not out of fear but of anger.

It was a small person probably a female. I shouted at her "What are you doing there?" and proceeded to chase to the back part of the neighbors house. I climbed up our water tank and banged on the roof. That's the time when the owner of the house went out. He said, the maid was texting and couldn't find a signal and was accosted accordingly, he wasn't apologetic at all.

This would surely be an issue tomorrow and would probably have both a financial (perhaps a higher fence?) and social consequence, speaking to the neighbors.

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