10 Useful Linux Stuff I Learned Today

I can't eject my DVD Drive.


It just stops lighting. Luckily I stumbled upon this gem. Which lists 10 Essential Linux Tricks for the Linux Admin. Wee! I love lists. Lists keep getting Jun Auza in Digg Frontpage.

They're not my content so I am just going to list the list here and make you head over to the originating website for the meat.

Trick 1: Unmounting the unresponsive DVD drive
Trick 2: Getting your screen back when it's hosed
Trick 3: Collaboration with screen
Trick 4: Getting back the root password
Trick 5: SSH back door
Trick 6: Remote VNC session through an SSH tunnel
Trick 7: Checking your bandwidth
Trick 8: Command-line scripting and utilities
Trick 9: Spying on the console
Trick 10: Random system information collection


I actually read only the most pertinent to my situation which is Trick 1.   


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