Yes I am Linus Torvalds Blog

[UPDATE] 10-08-08 Now Torvalds has a real blog? Is this really him? Who knows. Whatever. I found these on Digg:

My blog is very useful.

To me.

That is why I searched for the RSS feeds of different OSS luminaries' blogs to put their blogs on my blogroll so I will know the next kernel hiccup or whether Mark Shuttleworth is picking his nose.

Now, I was looking for Linus Torvalds' blog via Google and used the search terms: "Linus Torvalds Blog"

Annnnd, I found this weird page in It just said there "Yes I am Linus Torvalds' Blog."


Anyway I guess the official Linus Torvalds' place is this:

The homepage of a WWW-illiterate

Why does this exist at all?

Frankly, I don't know. I got a default homepage (in Finnish) made automatically for me, and now I wonder what I should do with it. If you have any great suggestions, feel free to mail me, and I'll probably feel free to ignore you.

True to form. That is Linus' sense of humor at work.

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