Google In Quotes: The Power of Web Search in American Politics

Google has done it again. It has proven that 'web search' remains an integral core to a lot of issues - be it on the web or on the current political battlefield.

I live in a third world country often labelled as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Despite the vast ocean called the Pacific, I find the current race for the highest office in America very significant and very pivotal for our lives here.

Clearly, the Philippines, as do most countries in the world, to a certain extent rely on the spasmodic twitches of the American economy. From furniture exports to Business Process Outsourcing, the Philippines never seems to have shaken its image of the 'little brown brother/friend' of the Americans.

This makes American national politics and consequently American foreign and domestic policy crucial to our lives here in this archipelagic nation. Google, has once again proven to be a very effective tool in shaping our perceptions and hence, judgments on the issues at hand.

So while we watch you conduct this process called an election, we sip our coffee here while watching it live via cable or through the Internet.

Specific information however is the focal point of Google's vast capabilities and they have not been remiss in their duties in utilizing their vast resources to organize every bit of information available.

Google In Quotes, puts the contending presidentiables inside a controlled lab of highly advanced Social Science where every statement counts as a tipping force that could alter the scale in favor of the other. Simply put, this blog post is terribly written since it is 12:54 am here and I am no mood really to write. :)

Anyway, Google does a great job in staying relevant in all arenas of human life Google In Quotes proves this.

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