Post 200: Whew...*Poof*

200 blog posts. Wow. I really can't believe I am still doing it. Though I must admit that I have blogged not just about Debian or Ubuntu, but other stuff as well. You really can't expect me to keep on blogging whenever my PC died, right?

Hehehe, but today, died it did. Hopefully not because of me or ubuntu. The power supply made some scary **fizzling** **crackling sound** while I was watching Manny Pacquiao beat the shiite out of Grampa Oscar dela Hoya in vlc.

The smell of burning copper wires and rubber *sometimes* smells sweet. In a manner of speaking. After ignoring the fizzles and the crackles up to Round 7, the monitor just went blank. I could still hear the hard drive whining. And my USB mouse's infrared light was still on.

That means there must still be power on the motherboard, right? Whatever the case, I think I have stretched my ever faithful Pentium 3 PC's life for more than it's lifetime.

We bought it, sometime between 1997 and 2000 and it has been a long long long ride. I am now using my dad's office PC. Which isn't that fast. It's a Celeron after all. Still running ubuntu though sans 3d video.

So, for my 200th post, I propose a toast for Ubuntu and to new beginnings. We actually have some red wine here given by our neighbor.



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