Retrogaming with DosBox 0.72 in Ubuntu Linux: Megaman 1990

I recently got bored. Very bored. So, I decided to sift over some of my recent downloads which I haven't tended to for quite a while and then I found my Abandonware collection. Awesome.

3000+ titles of good old DOS games.

The fire of my youth gaming years was rekindled and I decided to go on retro gaming mode. I found games, which I actually played in my younger years:

1. Master of Orion
2. Megaman
3. Metal Marines

And yes, you can install good old Microsoft DOS games on Linux. On Ubuntu, it's a simple matter of apt-get.


1. Install dosbox

$ sudo apt-get install -y dosbox

2. After that, run dosbox.

$ dosbox

You will then see the familiar dos shell with a prompt.

3. In the dosbox z:/> prompt, you will then have to mount the linux directory in your PC which has the game directory together with those *.exe, *.com, *.bat files.

For example:

z:/> mount c /home/dan/dosgames

z:/> c:



Yey! Isn't it awesome? Of course it is!

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