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With the recent "departure" of some Filipino Linux pillars and others who they themselves have become lost, I find myself soul searching about my operating system fanaticism.  I wandered about the barren and trash strewn landscape called the internet hoping to find a glimmer of hope. While traversing the arid desert, I pondered on the core of an operating system. What makes an operating system - THE operating system?

I have seen a constant decline in Linux related blogs recently or their subversion to the main stream "I don't know you so you don't have to know me" blogosphere - that impersonal hands-off my personal life plague that has crept from the fringes of cynical insecurity.

What with all the black hat raiders riding their trojan horses and the nigerian scammers dressing up as princes and doctors, all peddling their warez for the generally trusting public, these days the internet has become a haven for garbage.

Luckily, in this desert I stumbled upon an oasis containing a few things about Linux today and found several interestingideas on why linux is better than say Microsoft and Mac.

This is that oasis.

Enter the Chocolate Factory

1. Forget about viruses
2. Is your system unstable
3. Linux protects your computer
4. Don't pay $300 for your Operating System
5. Freedom
6. When the system has installed why would you still need to install stuff
7. Forget about drivers
8. Update all your software with a single click
9. Why copy software illegally when you can get it for free
10. Need new software? Don't bother searching in the web. Linux gets it for you.
11. Jump into the next generation of desktops
12. Does your digital life seem fragmented?
13. Choose what your desktop looks like
14. Why does your Windows get slower and slower everyday
15. Do something for the environment
16. No backdoors in your software
17. Enjoy free and unlimited support
18. Use MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and Jabber with a single program
19. Too many windows, use workspaces
20. Don't wait years for bugs to be solved, report and track them down
21. Are you tired of restarting your computer all the time?
22. Let your computer have a second life
23. Play hundreds of games for free
24. Help other countries and your own
25. Get a great music player
26. Keep an eye on the weather

Like most of the teachings of the sage that one can encountered in a desert oasis, the teachings given by this sage are mostly ambiguous. Though I have been a supporter of the cause for quite some time now (entering my 2nd year - I am still a Linux Newbie ;) ) I still reserve a certain inkling of skepticism and internal rationalism.

I objectivize and dissect every argument, because nobody mortal - can create something immortal. Nobody imperfect cannot create something perfect.

1. Viruses - or malicious, contagious and bad, bad, bad software, exists in all platforms even Linux.

2. Stability - Here there is a preponderance of evidence pointing to its truth. However, again, every computer system has its share of stability concerns. Otherwise, we would have no need for bug tracking software and platforms after all, don't we?

3. Protection - Well, what can I say? This is true. But we do know that sometimes even the best condom can break....

4. Cost - Much debate has ravaged the battlescape of Linux and Windows regarding cost. Some say, using "free" (as in beer) software has its own costs - training of personnel, maintenance, support (unless you support yourself) and of course - time.

5. Freedom - I agree.

6. Third Party Applications - There is a strong need for alternative applications to address several specialized needs. This model has helped Microsoft and is still firmly in place.

7. Forget about drivers - Oh no, you don't and can't - yet.

8. Update - Does not happen in one click.

9. Piracy - I agree.

10. Third Party Applications - Wha..? I thought we didn't need them?

11. Next Gen Desktop - I concur.

12. Fragmentation - I concur. No defragmenters necessary.

13. Desktop UI - True.

14. Performance - Agreed. However, a bare bones Windows XP, can outperform certain distributions.

15. Environment - Ummm. We all need to get there.

16. Support - is not free in most cases.

17. IM - Very good and revolutionary.

18. Workspaces - True. Very innovative.

19. Bugs - Bugs.

20. Restart - Well, I have to re-start whenever I turn off my PC

21. Second Life - True.

22. Games - How about those games with DirectX again?

23. Countries - Not when we are at war right?

24. Music player - Agreed.

25. Weather?

So the mystical sage left me with 10 points that I agree upon and 15 I partially agreed to, undecided, unresolved, incomplete, uncertain and no answers.

As I finished viewing the mystical aura of the sage I wake up to findand realize that no one sage can answer all the questions I have inside.The truth is uncertainty is the only thing that is certain.

The sage was wise enough to concede that there are instances when Linux is not for you.

1. Proprietary Software
2. Hardcore Gamer
3. Work in the Book and Printing Industry
4. Hardware not supported

The beginning of wisdom begins with the statement, "I don't know." So, with dry parchments of papyrus I write to you fellow traveller these transcriptions so that one day, when you yourself are in that desert that I once was in you may find them.

Sages and prophets abound everywhere. They will preach anything. Their golden tongues may sway you and some of their prophecies indeed do come into fruition. But ultimately, you are the master of your destiny.

Blood and sweat will uncover the truth.

For me, the journey is still continuing. Linux is better than Windows - when it comes to certain things. Other things, need to be worked upon. I consider myself as an agnostic wanderer in this war of the operating systems.

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