23000 Linux PCs Headed to This >>> Third World Country PLUS Free Windows CDKEY for Loyola Schools!

If you haven't heard yet, a self proclaimed independent FOSS advocate slash consultant named Richard Gonzalez is spearheading efforts to distribute 10,000 PCs powerloaded with the superb Operating System called Ubuntu and 13,000 PCs with a Fedora Based Distribution to schools in our very own Banana Republic.

From : ComputerWorld.com.au

Providing high school students with PCs is seen as a first step to preparing them for a technology-literate future, but in the Philippines many schools cannot afford to provide computing facilities so after a successful deployment of 13,000 Fedora Linux systems from a government grant, plans are underway to roll out another 10,000 based on Ubuntu.

Isn't that awesome?

Well, it seems that Microsoftee is not too keen with the strategy of Linux here in the Philippines and has fired back with providing FREE Windows CD-KEYs to all students enrolled in Loyola Affiliated Schools (aka Ateneo). This bit I got from my sister who is a graduating Atenista (YEHEY!) Happy Graduation!


At the time of this writing she is installing Windows Vista on her computer. *Gasp*

Well, wars are fought in many fronts, sometimes it is also fought in the homefront.

Well, going back to my disjointed thought session with you oh faithful reader, the Ubuntu-Ph elite are having a resurgance of volunteer enthusiasm with this news.

The latest news in the Linux vs Windows War is right below this post.

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