Real Life Interfering with Blogging

Among other things that dannybuntu does, aside from writing horribly written articles about his passion for Ubuntu, Google and FOSS, is doing menial and "average-everyday(ness)" stuff. One of these AES stuff is cooking.

I am a food buff and would wave my spatula to anybody who dares contest my royal claim to the golden chef's hat.

Kidding aside, I am not a professional cook. I am merely a food hack. Food innovator sounds better, no?

I cook anything I can find inside the fridge.

If I find chicken, garlic, onion, cheese and some small green leaves (I don't bother with knowing the scientific names of the spices) I mix them up together to create some Garlic and Onion Chicken Cheese with Small Green Leaves.

Nay, there are no pictures *YET* of my exploits.

My inspiration springs from a Rat named Remi from the movie Ratatouwee or whatever they spell it nowadays.

"Anybody can Cook."

So, that, among other things, interferes with my glorious quest to bring FOSS to sweet victory.

Mix cooking with 3 kids and you have a plateful of TTDFs! Things To Do Fast!

Cook fast for the ravenous appetites of my spawn.

How could one sudo apt-get install insertnewpackagenameforubuntuhere when I am too busy sudo apt-get remove the kitten from the premises at once!

For tonight it is going to be Chicken Caldereta. 


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