Day 1019: Do Not Install Google Chrome

Just kidding. No really, they said don't install it.
Anyway, here's how to install it:

If you want to install it on an Ubuntu 8.04 or up machine. Simply click the following debs:

*Install it with Gdebi
*Warning. Google really did say don't install it unless you're the tinkering type.

If you are running a Debian based system and would prefer to do this via the cli. Here are the steps.

1. Download the appropriate deb file

        For 32-bit
$ wget
        For 64-bit
$ wget
2. Install it via dpkg

$ sudo dpkg -i name_of_debfile_you_just_downloaded.deb

OPTIONAL: If you want to add the chrome directory permanently to the environment path variable add the following steps:

a. $ sudo gedit ~/.bashrc

add this at the end:

b. export PATH="$PATH:/opt/google/chrome/"

c. Restart the terminal

So instead of typing /opt/google/chrome/chrome on your terminal you just type 'chrome' and it will run, hopefully.

Here are a few screenshots of Google Chrome browsing the websites of egads! other browsers!

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