Day 1035: Busy Week Last Week

Hi again Internet!

Had a very busy and stressful week.

1. IP Masqueraded 4 boxes - in short shared Internet connection with the other 3
2. Struggled to fix my sister's PC which in the end had RAM problems
3. Business ...
4. Father's Day
5. Had to bring mom to hospital 2 times

 Yes, I also has my cheezburger dezpite the stressorz. (Actually I had Jollibee champ) Its been ages since I've had a champ, and now I am happy. Why? Mom's doctor said:

"What mom eats - YOU ALL EAT." 

That means vegetables, with no ginisa.

So I snuck out of the house without anyone noticing and ate a champ!

Mom is ok now, and yay 4 computers connected to the interwebzors, woot!

Here are a few posts I'd like to share and hopefully read again in the future:

1. Beginner's Guide to Slackware

"Give a man Ubuntu and he'll learn Ubuntu. Give a man Slackware and he will learn Linux."

2. Useful Tutorials for Linux and Unix 

3. Ubuntu Philippine Head Dax Umaming Holds Software Freedom Day in Baguio 2009

4. Father's Day Special - Bill Gates and Dad

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