Day 1044.b HowTo: Install Firefox 3.5 on Debian Lenny (Stable) 5

download and install firefox 3.5 on debian lennyWhy Do You Want to Install Firefox 3.5 on Debian Lenny 5?

One Word: Plug-ins. (Are those two words or is that just one word???)

1. Download Firefox 3.5 for Debian: -or-

$ wget

Don't Click On The Blue e!: Switching to Firefox2. Change Directory to /usr/local. That's where we're going to put it:

$ cd /usr/local

3. Untar/Decompress the Firefox 3.5 bzip2 file you just downloaded:

$ sudo tar -xvjf /directory/where/you/put/the/file/firefox*

* Note, it would be best to make use of TAB COMPLETION on the terminal to make sure that you specify the correct file rather than the asterisk.

4. Make a symbolic link

$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/firefox3

* Note, you can change 'firefox3'to something more convenient like 'ff3'. Either way it works.

* FINAL NOTES: If you get a "No Display Specified" Error or any "Display" related error - simply reboot.

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