Day 1043: Use Miro in Ubuntu/GNU/Linux to Subscribe to Pinoy Tech Podcast

Miro is a very versatile multi platform media player that could very well be "THE Media Player" for GNU/Linux, Mac and even Windows systems.

Pinoy Tech Podcast is a laid back podcast composed of Dean Berris, Jon Limjap, Migs Paraz, Aileen Apolo and Jerome Gotangco about Filipinos, Technology, a little bit of Linux and Open Source. Highly recommended for those of you who are sitting alone in a coffee shop with only your laptop as a companion. You'll actually feel that you have companions.

To subscribe to their podcast using Miro:

*Install Miro
$ sudo apt-get install miro

1. Copy this url:
2. Run Miro
3. Click on Sidebar > Add Feed
4. Paste the url you copied earlier
5. Click on the "Audio" radio button
6. Click OK

There you have it :) Happy Listening

Or if you are in a hurry - just head on to their website and play the embedded audio. Much easier :)

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