Day 1042: Which e-Commerce Site is the Most Famous?

RJ David, adorably known as admin by millions if not hundreds of thousands of sulitizens, the owner of is a seo genius, beating other prominent Filipino owned eCommerce websites at their own game. It even beat

Further proof of's success is it's ranking in Google for the term: buy and sell.

Why is the term "buy and sell" important?

Because it's the name of a popular Free Ads Magazine. Notice however that Buy and Sell Magazine's Official Web Page now ranks #1 for the term "Buy and Sell". Their corporate head may have panicked upon seeing that another website has capitalized on their pet keywords and coincidentally the popularity of their offline free ads magazine.

For the SEO experts out there, we may learn that it's not only seo as in "Search Engine Optimization". It is primarily "Social Engineering Optimization". has a very unique way of generating numerous links in, around, and all over the internet for promoting itself through a click induced reward system that is delicately intertwined with the service that if offers.

This method of generating value is very novel and it is this brand of social networking and search engine optimization genius that propelled into its current status as the genuine leader in eCommerce here in the Philippines.

Here are more stats as of 14:27 pm 29, June 2009 of

Total Members: 430535
Registered Last 24 Hours: 667

Total Ads Posted: 1458556
Posted Last 24 Hours: 2193 Extended Last 24 Hours: 4109

Total Ads Messages: 1569508
Posted Last 24 Hours: 3645

Total Private Messages: 2188422
Sent Last 24 Hours: 6856

Updated every 5 minutes

Those are formidable numbers indeed.


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