Day 1055: Bayanihan Linux 5 is Out - Pambansang Linux?

After months and months of guessing and head scratching by yours truly, I finally got word that the Philippines' Pambansang Linux Distribution is out...since... April 20, 2009. 

Seriously, guys, you really need to hire a public relations firm or a web seo outfit. It's like you are always operating in Stealth Mode, like you are in, in, in government. Oh, wait...

Come on guys, act like Linux geeks!  Get a twitter account or something. Oh well, maybe they have an NDA or something.

Their new website got Vicky Belo'd. Pretty.

Here's their newest Press Release:

Updated Bayanihan ISOs are now ready for download!
Friday, 10 July 2009 17:11

Hello everyone! Kamusta!

It's been a few months since the latest release of Bayanihan (Kalumbata) and by now some of the software we've bundled in the initial release (Revision0) have already been updated upstream. So here we go -- it's time we update the installer to include these newer versions by default with the release of Bayanihan5 (Kalumbata) - Revision1.

If you already have an existing installation of Kalumbata don't worry -- YOU DO NOT NEED TO REINSTALL Bayanihan. It's very simple to upgrade your system using the Synaptic Package Manager. You have the choice of either upgrading through the online repository or via the Revision1 installer CD. If you choose to update your system via CD, just click on Add CD-ROM in the Edit menu and follow the instructions on screen.

Cheers and happy FOSSing! -- by Rage.

Codenamed "Kalumbata", the latest version of Bayanihan Desktop features an easy-to-install single CD distribution.

This edition has the following features:

* New graphical installer
* Integrated office productivity applications, web browser, antivirus, CD/DVD burning tool, firewall utility, and many more!
* Improved out-of-the-box support for various wireless devices, peripherals and printers, as well as plug-and-surf capability for popular 3G wireless devices

Minimum hardware requirements:

* at least 500MHz Pentium-class processor
* at least 256MB RAM
* at least 5GB hard disk space
* monitor with at least SVGA resolution
* standard keyboard and mouse

Bayanihan Download Page

PS: Good Luck to You Guys and Gals

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