[UPDATE] Whatever Happened to the Philippine Open Source College and Bayanihan Linux Distro?

[UPDATE 04-8-2008] It seems that even old reviews of Bayanihan just disappeared from the face of the planet. Wow. Talk about covering your tracks.

I was excited when I first heard of these two projects. But from my investigation/inquiry it appears these two projects went *poof*. Just like several companies nowadays where their BOD and CEOs apparently go *poof*.


At the onset, Bayanihan Linux seem to have a solid foundation in terms of finances - they are government supported. On the other hand, this too may have been the cause for their demise. Demise? Yes, at the time I am writing this, their website and forums have gone *poof*. Maybe it has something to do with Mr. Chairman "Chairman!" giving several million dollars to the IRRI which is based here in the Philippines.

Or maybe they just failed to implement it where they needed to implement it. Or Maybe it has something to do with the NBN thing - I.T. guys in government plus businessmen with political contacts = *kaboom* or *kagold*. Whatever the reason it went *poof* I am pretty sure that it has something to do with 1.) lack of interest by the public, 2.) finances and 3.) the lack of a point.

What is the point of a Philippine government sponsored Linux distribution if there are already a bazillion other Linux distributions out there that it doesn't need to spend on. Come on! The GRP finally came to its senses that if it wanted recognition and support from other countries - there always has to be kickback! Who will you kickback if the project is open?

They wanted to make the Philippines globalized by trying to broadband everything right? The kickback is $200m. Would an Open Source Project be able to produce that amount of kickback?

No sir. Whatever argument you give it will always come this specially in government circles: "Show Me the Money!!!". There is no big money for barong wearing bureaucrats if their project is FREE and OPEN.

Still don't believe me? Well do the following:

Go here: http://www.who.is

Then type in the one and only space provided there bayanihan.gov.ph. Click the button.

Go here: http://web.archive.org

Then type in the Wayback Machine blank this: http://www.bayanihan.gov.ph

Then press the Take Me Back button

The last entry in the way back machine is August 12, 2007


In distrowatch, you could see that their last release was on March 28, 2007


As of March 22, 2008 the website is still up: http://www.matcom-posc.com
It will expire on August 23, 2008, so if you really like to wait that long be my guest.
The site is registered to: Well if you really want to know, click this:


What brought them into our attention was its recognition by the good people at ubuntu-ph

Philippine Open Source College!
"Learning without Barriers, Technology without Borders"

We are inviting all ICT people from different schools to visit us here in Philippine Open Source College, Athens Academy Bldg., 3A-1 Ballecer St. Lower Bicutan Taguig City! Near Signal Village National High School! In front of Dreamland! You can visit us every weekdays! 1PM-7PM!

All are welcome to see different open source technologies here! You can contact us at this number, 09215583065!

Know what's best? We are offering "Free College, 2-year Courses! NO TUITION FEES" very good for those students who want to be open source literate elite graduates! HURRY! INQUIRE NOW! (Linux/OS Open Source Curriculum!)

Free installers! Just bring your own blank CDs for you to have your own Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Bayanihan, Suse, PCLinuxOS, etc..! (All distros are here! STRICTLY NO WINDOWS!)

Thanks and GOD bless us all! All Open Source Software users and developers!


I even registered there.

Oh well, what's up guys? Is it up or is it down? Anyway, from what I've gathered either these kids don't have much time for altruistic ventures or just didn't get the support that they needed.

From what I remember d@rk_@ngel is Mr. Jomyr Alipio. who is located here:

Whatever their reasons, a lot of good things didn't materialize for reasons that these people want to keep themselves. I guess that's part of the downside to Open Source. Many projects do indeed get abandoned and forgotten. I myself for one am ashamed to admit that I have once promised to make a sizeable donation of PCs to a small school in Batangas with Edubuntu as the software. I made this promise to the ubuntu-Ph team and after I have not been able to deliver I felt down and didn't go there for a long time. My reasons are pretty good actually: a law firm.

Well, hopefully these dreams come true one day.

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