Hostage in the Philippines

Hostage in the Philippines
by: Daniel Andrei R. Garcia

I am a hostage in the Philippines,
captured by its beauty, warmth and people

philippine hostage

Land of the peaceful and God fearing, 
Emblazoned on the wings of an eagle

hostage Philippines

Marvelous in resplendent glory, 
Amiable, respectful and hospitable

Held Hostage in the Philippines

Truly, God has blessed us, 
with a nation this wonderful

Tragedy befell when we have ceased to believe,
but now the phoenix has awakened in its brilliant slumber

To thee I ask, which other nation is worth living for?

Where art though, but here at home, 
Watching the mayas and the pigeons crow

Alas, my heart has been held hostage, 
No longer will I desire for greener pastures other than yours

They scoff, laugh and jeer at thee, 
Yet this I say with wanton glee

To you my heart will be, 
my Philippines, my Nation.

Copyright 2010. Daniel Andrei R. Garcia
Pictures owned by their respective owners.