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  • Batibot relaunches
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Hi, again.

Facebook has really made blogging quite a chore. While blogging used to be the only means aside from email to update friends and relatives, now, it's just a venue for the big media companies to promote and demote.

The small blogger is dying.

Anyway, I have been busy working for one of my clients and this usually entailed writing almost 20 articles a day. That takes up a lot of my time that I take a bath at night now.

Filipino Values

The good news is that the popular Filipino Kids TV show Batibot is going back to the airwaves.

As a dad, I always thought that it would be nice if my kids would just stop acting and talking like Spongebob Squarepants.

Kids shows nowadays are utterly useless save for their value as tools to consume the short attention spans of children. Having 4 kids, I know the value of having kids stuck on the tube for long periods of time. (By the way, I got rid of my TV back in 2006 and I am now proud to have our own little library - complete with torn pages with some of them eaten by my kids.)

But, that really has to change. I grew up with TV shows like batibot and got an idea of what it is to be a Filipino kid. This show taught me:

  • How to respect my elders
  • How to speak coherently as a Filipino
  • How to play Filipino games
  • Filipino culture
  • So many more 

I may not have explained and communicated the real value that this show inculcated in my person as I grew up. But I am seeing and observing the effects of modern TV and the lack of a definitive Filipino children's TV show in general on children's behavior. 

I can't believe that I am speaking like my grandfather now, who always complains that children these days have no respect for anything. Unfortunately, it is a truth that we have been too busy to see. 

Filipino culture has traditionally been respectful of others, most specially in the provinces. Po and Opo were communication staples that should never leave the minds of kids nowadays. 

But now, I believe that I am speaking out of experience when I say that the Filipino youth has become overly recalcitrant and rebellious. As a bona fide provinzano, I am disappointed whenever kids aged 8 to 14 come up to me and ask me to give them a cigarette like gangsters in New York.

"Hey, you, do you have a stick?"

Ha? Whatever happened to the hope of the future?

While a TV show may not in itself reverse this trend. I am hoping that its presence would still have an effect. I will take that small glimmer of hope, no matter how small. 


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