What's Your Problem?

My grandfather used to tell me about his days working in Mantrade. He had a boss whom he liked to call Mr. "No Problem". He was given that moniker because whatever challenges was brought to my lolo's boss desk, the man always replied, "No Problem.". 

Everybody has his own or her own cross to bear. Sometimes, it's not only a cross but multiple crosses. Whether it's financial, family related, work, school, legal, political, etc.

Oftentimes, in our travails while we carry our crosses, it gets too heavy and we suddenly begin acting like we are the only ones with a cross to bear. We feel down because our plans are not working out. We feel discouraged because life seems to be like a never ending treadmill. So instead of saying, "No Problem", we move into our own little corner and make the world know that "Hey I have a problem! Get out of my way!".


I am writing this because I also have my own crosses to bear. A lot of things are not working out as I planned them to be and I want to share with you, how I would like to be seen as Mr. No Problem. 

I'd like to be a Mr. No Problem, but it's as easy as managing two businesses with no capital. It is as easy as being under the cloud of financial uncertainty.

It is not a negation of the existence of problems. There will always be problems that may reach hopelessness.

It is that one single ounce of hope that we cannot see. This is where faith comes in. 

It is up to God.


A few days ago, I happened to meet another man with an inspiring story. His name is Billie and he has been stuck on a wheelchair for most of his life. I read about his childhood and instantly gleaned that I am similar to the big guy who always wanted to be Red One. And it's true that despite my physical completeness, I am the one who needs help. 

Now, Billie has started a digital imaging shop here in the Philippines and is a beacon of hope for those who have complete limbs yet feel like they've been dealt a bad hand in life. 

The amazing thing about Billie, is that despite his condition, he found it in his heart to glorify God with his works. 

Amen to that brother.