Wordpress vs. Blogger?

Blogger vs Wordpress

  • I want to buy a new domain, and I am curious about Wordpress
  • Are there shiny buttons?
  • What are the advantages and the disadvantages to self hosting? (Is that even the proper term?)

Having been with Blogger for more than four years, I can say that everything is just fine and dandy. However, I am noticing a trend where a lot of people are paying more to get on Wordpress. Every time I see an article that's been dugg, I see a Wordpress site.

The thing about Wordpress is that the blogs that are hosted there, don't look like blogs. So it somehow gives you that professional website feel with all the plugins and so.

Why I Have 39 Blogs on Blogger 

Most of my blogs are on Blogger. I like Blogger because I am a Google fan. Not to mention:
  • You can put up a blog and buy a domain in less than 2 minutes. Buying a domain with Blogger is fast, easy and painless. Yeah, 2 minutes is not an underestimation, it's for real. 
  • Cheap hosting. $10 for the domain for a year. No fees for hosting. I assume that my blogs would be up for as long as Google is making money. 
  • Easy publishing. Blogging is really simple. You write something, you dump it on your blog and then press the Publish Post button. Fin!
  • Right off the bat SEO. I read this somewhere and I am putting it here. I really didn't bother with SEO until some people told me that I should spend more time on it. But I don't really mind that much since I just write. Right? Anyway, with Blogger, my blogs get their fair share of traffic without all the intricacies of SEO. I dunno, it just works.
  • Did I mention that it was easy? Oh right, nevermind...

What's All The Fuss About Wordpress?

Perhaps my head has been under my keyboard for too long. I really don't understand why I should go to Wordpress. I tend to be an anti bandwagon guy, but in this case my curiosity is really aroused. Can somebody please tell me why?

I actually work for someone who has a Wordpress blog...er... news website and before I could make a post, I have to fill in a bunch of SEO related stuff, like keywords, tags, and so. My beef (Yum! That's our dinner tonight. Beef with Oyster sauce - I love my wife!) with Wordpress is that it costs more to do practically the same thing. 

  • it looks different. But people don't pay attention so much since what they are after is the information, right? right?
  • everybody's who's anybody is doing it. So I should do it too?
  • it has plugins that have functionalities that can make your site an uber website. 
  • it makes you look technologically savvy and socially sophisticated - gotta love that word. SO-PHIS-TI-KHAY-TED (Think Samwise Gamgee's PO-TAY-TOES)
  • it's expensive. You have to buy the domain, and then you have to pay for monthly hosting. Erm. Why? 
Forgive me for my naivete, but aside from the cool factor, I really don't get the point. Call me an old fashioned Blogger, but really, can someone knock some sense out me? 

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