Blogging vs. Freelancing?

I love blogging, but it simply takes too much time and effort. I know of many bloggers who work extremely hard - harder than me in fact when it comes to taking care of their blogs. You'll see them write almost a hundred posts a month, every month. But then you'll wonder whether the cost to benefit ratio is still favorable in the odds of the blogger.

In my personal experience. Freelance writing trumps blogging in significant leaps and bounds. With freelance writing, I could earn as much as $30 a day and the most that I was able to earn was $120 in one single day.

It's just a matter of finding the right clients who'll pay you good money to do quality work.

With Blogging: 

  • You have no clients. 
  • You are accountable to your readers.
  • The Return on Income is indefinite.
  • You risk your reputation with the things that you write.
With Freelance writing:
  • You are accountable only to the client.
  • You get paid in definite and quantifiable amounts for a period of time.
  • Your reputation depends on how your client sees you.  
  • Your brain gets damaged because you write too much about the same topics