Blogger vs Freelancer

  • The match to end all make money online doubts.
  • Find out which is the best way to earn money online - blogging or freelancing?
  • Freelancer challenges Blogger to money fight.

Make Money Online. Three irritating words that seem to elude the grasp of many and yet, have been mastered by some. In an ocean of scams and liars. Finding accurate and timely information just might change your life for the better.

Definitive. I myself have questions about which make money online system is really the best and with the most potential. People want concrete answers and solutions. People want security. They want to know which one is really the best way to do earn online. I too, want to know which one is the best way.

That's why I invited one prominent blogger, Justin Germino, aka TheDragonBlogger, to a friendly and educational match.

Blogger (Him) vs. Freelancer (Me) 

I don't know whether he is going to take the challenge. I hope he does, so we could all finally lay this thing to rest in our minds and stop pursuing things that would not bear any returns on our investments. 

I have briefly summarized the pros and cons of blogging and freelancing. They're not complete. But the information that I'm after is the time/effort and return ratio. So yes, you can earn money by blogging because many like Justin, are already earning a lot. So yes, you can earn money through freelancing, because many like me, are already earning a lot. 

But I think, everybody would agree that time is a precious commodity. In the end, both may be good ways to earn money online. But if it takes me four years of blogging to earn what I currently earn from freelancing, then maybe freelancing is a better option. This is the aim of the challenge, to prove which one takes less time and effort.

When I get it, we're going to try to work out some details. 

Stay tuned Internet.