Yet Another Globe Wimax Review

I’ve been a Globe Wimax subscriber for at least 6 months now. So far, I could tell you that my experience is wrought with both pleasure and pain. There are times when my wireless Internet connection would let me download torrents at 100+kbps and there times when it would let me download at 0.06kbps.
Considering that I live to an almost jungle like setting, I guess that’s acceptable

Live in a Rainy Area? Don’t Get Globe Wimax

It just plain doesn’t work whenever it rains. Even if it’s just a soft drizzle, it just plain sputters like an old car with an old battery and a worn out spark plug. Simply put, you’ll be annoyed to death.

Globe Wimax Hates uTorrent

In their contract there is some sort of cap to the amount of torrents you could download in a month. If I am not mistaken, they set the limits to 20% of your downloads.

I’m not so sure if they follow through on that threat though. My hard and fast rule is to leave it to download at night and you have yourself something to watch for tomorrow.

Globe Wimax Customer Service Hates You

  • ·         The first thing they’ll ask you to do is to check whether you plugged the modem in. Huh?
  • ·         Then they’ll tell you to restart your PC or your Modem. As if we haven’t for the last 10 years.
  • ·         Then they’ll tell you that they’re upgrading their facilities – which you have no way of verifying.
  • ·         If finally, you’ve managed to stave off their excuses, they’re going to tell you that they’re going to elevate it to some higher power and they’ll give you a nice little pink ticket. Just call again after one week or forever.

The absolute worst that they did to me was to tell me that they’re sending someone over and I waited for that person to arrive since time immemorial. Up to now, that support person didn’t arrive.

At the end of the day, you can’t do anything about it. You’re stuck with them for the rest of your contract. They smile and grin at your stupidity and hope that they can come up with a heckuva marketing plan the next time they have a new product or service so that they could hoodwink you again for another year.

They’re quite practically, goons in business attire.

So if you are like me and you're stuck in a contract with them, this is what I have to say to you, 

"You Poor Sucker." 

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